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For most families in Montgomery County, the move from recreational softball to a competitive travel club is one that comes with plenty of questions. What should you look for? Why choose one club over the next?


There are lots of factors to consider such as vibe, skill level, coaching, and cost. Ultimately, you’re choosing a softball family that’ll be an extension of your own! So to aid your consideration of our club, here’s a few words from families, just like yours, that found eXpress to be the perfect fit.

eXpress Softball has helped me in so many ways. As a player, I’ve gained new and amazing skills from knowledgeable coaches. I’ve learned all about the mental part of the game. I’ve also formed great friendships! I love eXpress Softball and everything this program is about.


eXpress Player

In four seasons with eXpress, I’ve grown so much – not just as a player, but also as a person. I’ve been a team captain. I’ve learned how to be a strong leader. I’m there for my teammates when they need me the most. I’ve made lifelong friends. My coaches push me to be the best I can be and are always supportive. eXpress means so much to me. I’m so grateful to be part of it.


eXpress Player

It’s hard to pick one reason why I love playing for eXpress, but love is the key word. The love coaches have for their teams, the love teammates have for one another, and the joy we feel watching each other succeed and be the best we can be. These are my sisters, this is my family, and I wouldn’t be the player I am today if it weren’t for eXpress.


eXpress Player

Express has become a second family to us and has taught our daughter how to be part of a well-structured team. The coaches have been amazing. They’re friendly, serious, encouraging, and promote strong moral values. We hope to grow with this organization for many more years to come. 


eXpress Parent

My daughter has been playing the game of softball for seven years, but last year, as a member of eXpress 12U, she had a breakthrough. She's always loved the game, but eXpress has taught her how to fulfill her potential and to be the best player she can be. Her coaches teach the right way to play, constantly reinforcing the fundamentals. Now, she can't wait to get to the field and her maturity level has gone through the roof.


eXpress Parent

eXpress and its extraordinary coaches have meant so much to our family. It’s more than a softball team. It’s a community of coaches, parents, and peers that is truly there for our daughter and she senses it. It’s made her more confident. She’s stronger both mentally and physically. She’s gained serious skills! And even though she's quiet off the field, on it, her voice is loud and powerful!


eXpress Parent

eXpress is a place to grow as a player and as a teammate. We celebrate player improvement! We take pride in teaching girls how to play the right way. We encourage players to give it their all: diving, sliding, and making heads up plays. There’s nothing better than seeing those efforts on the field and hearing eXpress benches burst with cheer! I coach because I love the game and I enjoy seeing the girls love the game.


eXpress Academy Director

Coaching eXpress has been an extraordinary experience. For over five years now, I’ve had the honor of watching eXpress players turn into young adults. The attitude, preparation, and work ethic of these young ladies has been something special, preparing them for college and beyond. While many view wins and losses as the metric of success, a metric even more meaningful to me has been the numerous friends I’ve made as part of this family.


18u Coach

eXpress is truly a family, driven by the mission to provide young women with opportunities for positive growth and character development. Winning tournaments is important, but the priority is that each girl has the time of her life. Kindness, compassion, hard work, team bonding, and friendship form the top-down message and the culture of this organization. I would rather be nowhere but with eXpress – my softball family.


12u Coach

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